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14. [voice]

Hello. If anyone is interested in attending, there will be a new set of combat medicine classes in the battledome starting in the middle of this month. They are intensive and focused, but you really do learn a lot - and it is important to know, especially when we are drafted or asked to take up missions. Even some of the "experiments" are better handled with this knowledge.

If you took part last time, you are welcome to do it again, but please leave some open spots for new students. You may sign up at the battledome, or you can just tell me, here. I would be happy to answer any questions.

[And, as always, if you want to find her in person? Look no further than the clinics or a quiet spot in the library with a book - because it's raining today.]
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I wouldn't mind signing up if you still have some spots open.
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Thanks. It's Ginji.

By the way, is there anything we need to bring with us to the classes?
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[Well that's convenient.]

That's okay. I don't think it'll be a problem. Besides, the benefits of knowing this will definitely outweigh a little personal discomfort.

It's not as if we're given a choice of what happens in the future, right? All we can do is go in prepared.

[He sounds pretty cool with it.]
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Thank you. I'm sure I will.